Campaign Leadership

National Campaign Co-Chairs

“I am proud of Southern Arkansas University. After coming here in the fall of 1956, I have watched, with great interest, a tremendous growth and improvement in the University in every respect. It is a special place to my family and me, as we love SAU and will support it anyway we can. This campaign will benefit SAU, and more importantly, the students, present and future. These are exciting times at SAU.”

The late Louis Blanchard
Retired Accounting Professor/Professor Emeritus – SAU

“During my days at Southern Arkansas University, I learned the value of community and the impact that caring professors could have in shaping my future. I was the first in my family to go to college and I know that SAU can also be a beacon of light for other students who are looking for opportunity. Giving back to SAU, with time and resources, is one way of saying thanks for getting me started on my life’s journey.”

Mike Dumas ’79
Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer – Intermarine

“I believe every child deserves the gift of an education, if they so choose. I also believe there is no better place to receive a college education than my alma mater, Southern Arkansas University. SAU provides a beautiful and safe campus, it is cost efficient, and it provides a family atmosphere with caring and devoted faculty and staff. I am thankful for what the SAU family means to me and that I can be a part of this exciting Love and Loyalty Campaign.”

Rita Jan Story ’85
Accountant – Production Services, Inc.

“Education and maturation can be long, tortuous processes, but these processes can be helped by institutions like Southern Arkansas University. Everyone needs opportunities, and everyone must seize those opportunities. Southern Arkansas University provides a multitude of opportunities for both education and maturation. I simply want current students to have opportunities comparable to what I had at our beloved Southern State College/Southern Arkansas University.”

Dr. Larry Embree ’54
Retired Neurologist – LSU Medical Center

“I recall my first day at Southern Arkansas. I arrived on campus knowing no other student, and while recognition of that fact was a bit depressing at the time, the challenge associated with a new environment and new people was key to preparing me for a lifetime of new people, new experiences and new challenges. I found a culture of caring and nurturing that contributed to my personal and educational growth. Whatever success I have experienced is attributable in significant part to the faculty and staff of SAU. I want to see other students have the same opportunity for growth. That is why I am a part of this campaign.”

Ron LeMay ’67
Managing Director – OpenAir Equity

National Campaign Cabinet

Carl (’51) and Gwen (’51) Adams
Dr. Randall and Glenda (’75) Adams
Albemarle Corporation
Bill (’81) and Monika Anderson
Jim (’86) and Amanda (’12) Andrews
Kirk (’90) and Cheri Armitage
John(’89) and Kelli Armour
Debbie Arnold ’85
Dr. David (’77) and Judy Ashby
Don and Mary (’87) Bailey
James and Charlotte (’94) Baine
Jonathan(’01) and Emily (’02) Baird
Geurin (’12) and Jordan Baker
Dr. Claude and Neva Baker
The Honorable Jim (’68) Baker and Linda Baker
Ed Baxter ’74
Lawrence (’61) and Ann (’61) Bearden
Dr. Willis (’71) and Barbara (’70) Beene
Roger (’72) and Pam (’74) Bell
Martha Blanchard
Dr. Paula Boaz ’74
Grady Bolding, Jr. ’49
Dr. Richard (’72) and Melba Faye Britt
Gregg (’69) and Sue Buchanan (’90)
Travis (’78) and Lauretta (’78) Buchanan
Dr. Bob and Molly Burns
Ray Burns ’42
Louis (’67) and Glynis (’83) Butler
Dr. Jerome A. Camp ’58
Lula Cathey ’66
Stuart Cearley ’87
Jeff (’70) and Jane Christenson
T. G. and Katherine (’55) Connelly
J. and Diana (’91) Courson
Mason (’83) and Robin Cozart
Ken Crain ’48
Gary and Kay (’14) Davis
Joan Dempsey ’81
John (’77) and Beverly Dews
Bill and Mandy (’69) Dillard
Dr. Mark (’78) and Debbie Dixon
Elizabeth Driscoll ’42
John Dumas ’76
Roger (’85) and Darla (’84) Dunlap
Dr. Rudy Eichenberger
Gary (’75) and Suzette Elmore
Marc (’82) and Anne Emrich
Olga English
Jay (’57) and Marilyn Evers
Nate (’71) and Anne Evers
Gary Don (’05) and (’11) Ahna Farrar
Mrs. Harold Fincher
Amy Ford ’77
Amy Freedman ’95
Dan (’85) and Beth Galway (’84)
Gary (’72) and Gaywyn (’72) Golden
Steve (’89) and Cheryl (’77) Goodheart
Mary Harsh
Harris and Barbara (’64) Hauser
Dr. Rufus (’48) and Noella Haynes
Jackie Helton ’76
Dorothy Henderson ’51
Dr. Robert W. Henderson ’69
Dr. John Hendricks (’92) and Dr. Stacy Hendricks (’92)
Bob (’57) and Karen Hendrix
Russell Hester ’75
Janice Jacobs ’58
Wesley (’56) and Janice (’58) Jacobs
Harold (’54) and Betty Jameson
Steve (’86) and Sarah (’89) Jennings
Dr. Suzanne Jessup
Pat and Kim Johnson
Patrick (’11) and Haley Johnson
Samuel Jones ’09
Steve (’95) and Brandi Joplin
Rusty (’69) and Connie Kauffman
Dr. James A. Kimbell, Jr. ’69
Steve Kincaid
Edgar (’85) and Gloretta (’93) Lee
Barbara Lewis ’84
Saundra Lewis
Gerald and Gaye (’84) Manning
Charles (’50) and Betty Martel
Tama Martin ’76
James (’65) and Linda (’65) Martindale
Ruble Mason ’52
Rosie  Matlock-Muldrew ’85
Richard McClendon ’54
Don (’89) and Jennifer (’88) McDonald
Robert and Kristal (’98) McDonald
Marcus (’81) and Renee (’84) McDonald
Thomas McGill ’51
Mack (’88) and Kimberly (’88) McGlaughlin
Dr. William (’72) and Barbara (’72) McHenry
Jeanne Miller ’69
Dr. Fred and Leanne (’88) Murphy
Billie Nelson
Steve and Deborah (’75) Nipper
James Nix ’54
Doug Parker ’91
Caitlin Pennington ’10
Gerald (’66) and Dean Perkison
Robert and Sherry (’72)  Dillender
Joe (’92) and Angela (’92) Pieratt
Dr. Tommy (’69) and Mamie (’68) Polk
Claude (’62) and Irma Ramey
Dr. David and Toni Rankin
John Rankin ’00
Joel Reeves ’67
Ronnie Ribble ’58
Greg (’89) and Stayce Rich (’87)
Dr. Dale and Gail (’05) Robbins
Leann Rogers ’89
J. W. Rowe ’54
Bill (’71) and Margaret Shaw
Dr. Betty Smith ’49
Fred and Mary Smith
Denny (’54) and Nancy Smith
Hilton (’62) and Linda Stewart
Thomas (’71) and Pamela Stewart
Bill (’83) and Cathy Stribling
Betty Stringfellow ’62
Ken (’85) and Rhonda Tabor
Dr. Aubry (’67) and Sheila Talley (’69)
Wayne (’52) and Norma (’52) Taylor
Dr. Ann Thomas ’46
Mark and Alice (’82) Thomas
Bobby Thompson ’86
Dr. Anna Trexler
Charles (’72) and Maurice Tripp
Dr. William Vance and Dr. Rosemary Vance
Linda Vansickle ’61
Glenn and Judy Vasser
Dan Vela ’82
Doyle (’56) and Nelda Wallace
Joey and Amanda (’05) Newton
Dr. Shane (’96) and Amy (’99) Warrick
Mike (’73) and Angie (’75) Waters
Tom (’78) and Kay (’94) Watson
Chuck (’88) and Beth (’83) Weldon
Dr. Gayle White (’63) and Richard White
Katie White ’06
Whitney Whitelaw ’78
Dr. James (’67) and Tandy Willis
Dr. Ann Wilson (’75) and Dr. Bill Wilson
K. Dale (’54) and Carolyn Wood
Sara Wooley ’77
Dr. Jerome (’58) and Linda Yates