Student Enrichment

A gift of more than $1 million by a Southern Arkansas University alumna will benefit scholarships for SAU’s growing Engineering program.

The generous donor, the late Edna Cook Norvell, told SAU President Dr. Trey Berry that she chose to make the gift because of all the generous people who helped her while she was a student at Magnolia A&M (now SAU). Funds from this endowment will benefit future generations of students in the form of what will be known as NORCO SAU Engineering Scholarships.

Student Enrichment Opportunities

Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships

($7,000,000) – ensure that qualified students can receive an SAU education regardless of their financial limitations.

Student Travel Scholarships

($500,000) – provide students the chance to pair classroom instruction with real-world experiences that bring a greater realization of the opportunities made available through their SAU degree.